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Angelos Stergiou: Are You Meant to be a Physician?

· Angelos Stergiou,Dr Angelos Stergiou,Physician

Dr. Angelos Stergiou is an entrepreneurial physician who is pioneering the field of cancer vaccination through SELLAS Life Sciences Group, which he founded in 2012. He has nearly 15 years of experience and, after years in his trade, Angelos Stergiou is happily pursuing his personal healthcare passion.
Today’s physicians have options ranging from small family practices to businesses like that of Dr. Angelos Stergiou with everything in between. The first step to achieving any of it, though, is the right education, and you’ll need to be certain of your career choice before you begin. Information on key traits, like that below, could help you decide:

Quality Communication. A physician in any field must understand how to communicate clearly. This includes listening, asking questions and communicating facts without misunderstandings. Quality communication can be learned, but natural ability is valuable to medical professionals.

Passion for Health. No one wants to deal with a physician who has lost passion for his or her field. If you plan to pursue a career in health, you must be passionate about your choice and certain that your enthusiasm is not a short-lived fancy.

Professional Demeanor. Professionalism is expected among healthcare professionals of all types, in all fields. Though it can be hard to define, this generally means that you must place the wellbeing of your patients above your own and never break trust of patients or peers.

If you’re sure that you would like to become a physician, whether you plan to join Dr. Angelos Stergiou in finding the cure for cancer or you want to treat patients in your hometown, contact a respected institution and request information about pursuing your university education.

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